4 Assouline books that will make your coffee table look good

August 3, 2018 by Stefanie

If you are looking for beautiful interesting books about culture, luxury and art de vivre.The lifestyle brand Assouline has it all to offer.

Here are some of our favorites from the Parisian power publisher.

Comporta Bliss
Sometimes compared to the Saint-Tropez of the 50’s. Its relaxed pace and artistic community, rustic cabanas and thatched-roof huts are the reflections of the carefree lifestyle that has become Comporta’s trademark. Discover the beauty and joy of simplicity with Comporta Bliss.

Chic Stays
From Sofia Coppola’s luxurious family retreat in beautiful Bernalda, Italy, to Kate Moss’s favorite beach in the Maldives. Each of these thirty-six perfectly curated personal tales gives some beautiful insights on their favorite holiday stays.

Art House
Chara Schreyer has built a collection of six hundred works, and her forty-year collaboration with interior designer Gary Hutton has produced five spectacular residences to house them. Art House is a breathtaking visual tour of these houses. Including masterpieces by artists like Man Ray, Andy Warhol, Frank Stella and many others.

Mother and Child
This book explores the meaning of modern motherhood in the 21st century. 70 iconic families of mothers and children from celebrated names as Delfina Figueras and Carolina Herrera.
A visual treat full of great portraits that capture the emotional bond and beauty of the relationship between mother and child. Joined with a series of questions-and-answers, about what motherhood truly means. A true must-have.