Helen Frankenthaler in Life Magazine, 1956
When I first saw this picture of Helen I was touched. This woman, this room, just perfect. It is serene but also expressive.. I had met the future artist in me and this confused me. I felt at home looking at her paintings. As if I made them myself… but I still had to create them.


RUBEDO, from Flamboya (2007) by Viviane Sassen
This was the first photo I ever saw made by Viviane Sassen. It hit me. Besides the fact that I loved it, I was intrigued by this lady. She is just so damn cool! Viviane Sassen is by far my favourite photographer. To me, everything she makes is interesting, beautiful and innovative.


Film: Les Amours Imaginaires by Xavier Dolan.
This movie by Xavier Dolan (Montreal, 1989) is sensitive, current, funny, visually beautiful and has an enriching soundtrack: Pass this on – The Knife. I saw the scene with the ‘house party’ over and over again, and listened to the song on repeat. It always moves me. The combination of the setting and the way the songs come in is sublime. You can feel everybody’s pain. This is a still from my favourite scene.