Jewaria Gazaele Luu is a model, influencer and Law student from Amsterdam. She is currently 9 months pregnant.

Your pregnancy in three words…
Magical, patience and self-reflection.

Worst food craving at the moment?
During my whole pregnancy but especially at the end, I was craving fresh vegan waffles all the time. So you would find me every Wednesday on ‘Waffle Wednesday’ at the Brunchroom.

Best thing about being pregnant?
Just seeing how amazing the human body is. It’s so magical to see how your body adapts to growing a new life inside of you.

Go-to pregnancy outfit?
Trousers with oversized shirts. Or on hot days a maxi or midi dress with an oversized shirt over it.

First person you told after you found out?
My boyfriend! And then my mother and the rest of the family.

(Photo by Lobke Leijser for ALSO journal)